Ei169/160 Sounder 230V With 10yr Backup

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Ei169/160 Sounder 230V With 10yr Backup

Main Features
• Mains powered control panel with rechargeable battery back-up
• Auxillary output from control panel for other safety accessories
• Super bright neon strobe flashes with alarm sounds to alert the residents
• Vibration pad, placed under the pillow, vibrates vigorously to alert resident of the dangers
• Manual integral test/hush button to test circuitry, strobe and vibration pad
• 5 Year Guarantee (limited)
Conventional smoke alarms rely on an audible warning. How then do you adequately protect people who cannot hear the alarm siren? It’s estimated that up to 14% of the population would not be woken by a conventional smoke alarm, leaving them particularly vulnerable in the event of a fire.

The safe and reliable solution is the special mains-powered smoke alarm system from Ei Professional, specifically designed for the deaf and hard of hearing.

In the event of a fire, as well as sounding an audible warning, the alarm will activate a high intensity strobe light built into the control panel and a vibrating pad located beneath the sleeper’s pillow, to alert them of the danger.

The system can be used with ionisation or optical alarms, utilising Ei’s high quality detection technology. Up to 11 other alarms may be interconnected, along with Ei178 high intensity strobe lights to offer a complete warning system throughout the property.

The system offers a test button check facility, for testing the strobe, vibration pad and the panel itself, continuous monitoring and mains/back-up battery indicator LEDs. The rechargeable battery back-up can power the system for seven days in the event of mains failure. An alarm clock input is featured so that the user can utilise the system for wake up calls too.

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