Ei164RC Heat Alarm 230V Lithium Battery Backup 10yr

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Ei164RC Heat Alarm 230V Lithium Battery Backup 10yr


Ei164RC Aico Heat Detector with Lithium Battery

  • 10 year+ lithium cell back-up supply.
  • Hush button for false alarm control on all models - optical, ionisation and heat.
  • Separate mains and warning LEDs.
  • Precision charging circuit.
  • Low cell power warning.
  • RadioLINK & Modifire system compatible.
  • Easi-Fit fixing system - reduces installation time and effort.
  • Large, easily identifiable wiring connections.
  • Multiple cable entries.
  • Mini trunking removable access door.
  • 5 amp relay mounting kit available.
  • Automatic circuit test every 40 seconds.
  • Multi-purpose fixings - for use on plasterboard, concrete or wood surfaces.
  • Comprehensive 5 year guarantee.

Product Description

The Ei164RC is an optical smoke alarm that runs on 230V AC mains power and has built in tamper proof rechargeable lithium cells that act as a battery back up in the event of mains failure. These rechargeable lithium cells are designed to have a ten year life and outlast the life of the smoke alarm itself, whilst providing up to six months of smoke alarm operation without mains power.

The Ei164RC is supplied with the Easi-Fit base that allows very quick and simple installation of the smoke alarm, combined with simple detector head removal and replacement. The Easi-Fit base automatically connects both mains power and battery as the detector head slides on to the Easi-Fit base.

The Ei164RC has other advanced features such as high performance optical chambers fitted with integral insect screens to reduce the chances of false alarms, as well as the ability to interconnect up to twelve alarms to allow all alarms to sound if just one of the interconnected alarms should be triggered.

The Ei164RC has built in circuitry to aid suppression of voltage transients and RF interference to further reduce the chances of false alarms under such conditions.


The 160 Series of Easi-Fit mains powered smoke and heat alarms has been designed to offer peace of mind to the specifier and end user by using proven trusted Ei technology in a new slim profile alarm that is now even easier to install. Offering the very highest standards of safety, performance and reliability you'd expect from Europe's leading manufacturer of mains powered fire detection products, the Easi-Fit 160 Series includes high performance tamper-proof 10 year life Rechargeable Lithium Cells. The combination of the most advanced detection technology with the highest perfromance back-up power system available means that the 160 Series offers the best possible all-round protection.

Test, Hush and Fire Locate, from an accessible switch position New Aico RC Series smoke alarms are quick, simple and economical to install, with all the control circuitry built into the unit. There's no need for extra bases or terminals. All units use the standard Aico Easi-Fit baseplate and are compatible with existing 160 series alarms if no control device is to be introduced. Wiring is equally simple.With the control and interconnect signals being sent down the same cable, the wiring for a typical RC alarm system is exactly the same as a standard interconnect mains alarm system. This simplifies the wiring, cuts installation time and removes the need for additional wires or cable types. The New 160 RC series alarms can be used effectively in larger and more complex applications including apartment blocks, large houses, HMOs and smaller commercial premises. The alarms can be integrated with a number of additional devices such as lighting beacons, sounders, break glass units and CO alarms as part of a comprehensive alarm system.

Main Features:

  • More responsive to slow smouldering fires.
  • Advanced suppression and calibration technology.
  • Large volume high performance optical chamber with proven extended life capability. Fitted with insect resistant screen.
  • Hush button for false alarm control.
  • Separate mains and warning LEDs.
  • Auto self-test feature continually monitors the sensor every 40 seconds for additional safety.
  • 10 year+ Rechargeable Lithium Cell back-up designed to outlast the alarm.
  • Precision charging circuit ensures peak cell performance.
  • Low power cell warning in the event of a mains or cell failure.
  • Interconnects with other Ei Professional mains powered smoke and heat alarms.
  • Easi-Fit mounting plate - simpler and quicker to install.
  • 5 year guarantee includes rechargeable cells.

Technical Specification:

  • Sensor: Optical, uses light scatter from smoke
  • Sensitivity: Complies with BS EN14604:2005
  • Source: Contains no radioactive material
  • Airspeed: Essentially immune to the effect of airspeed.
  • Button Test: Simulates the effect of smoke and checks chamber, electronics and horn.
  • Ambient Light: Chamber housing design and compensation overcomes problems with stray light.
  • Automatic Self-Test: Smoke Chamber is tested every 40 Sec. and unit beeps (without LED flash) if it is degraded.
  • Insect Screen: Prevents insects or debris entering chamber (1.00mm mesh size)
  • Supply Voltage: 230V AC
  • Battery back up: Rechargeable lithium cells
  • Power-On Indicator: Continuous green LED
  • Alarm: Electronic Piezoelectric horn
  • Alarm Sound Output: 85dB (minimum) at 3m
  • Alarm Status: Red LED flashes every second on unit sensing fire
  • Temperature Range: 0º to 40ºC
  • Humidity Range: 15% to 95%
  • Interconnect: Up to 12 interconnected EI140/141/143/144/145/146/161/164/166 smoke or heat alarms, along with an EI128 relay base
  • Fixing: Easi-Fit mounting base
  • Plastic material: UL94VO flame retardant
  • Dimensions: 152mm x 50mm depth
  • Weight: 313g
  • Warranty: 5 year (limited) warranty
  • Approvals: Kitemarked to BS EN14604:2005, CE Approved

The RC range of detectors can be remotely controlled from switch Ei1529RC

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