Ei 428 RadioLINK Relay 5A 230V With Lithium Backup 10yr

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Ei 428 RadioLINK Relay 5A 230V With Lithium Backup 10yr

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Aico Ei428 Key Features

  • Mains powered relay module.
  • Volt free relay contacts.
  • Wireless interconnect with up to 12 other unit.
  • RF range 150 metres (minimum) in free space.
  • Green LED Mains Indication light.
  • Low power cell warning in the event of a cell failure.
  • Rechargeable Lithium Cell Back-up.
  • Uniquely coded to work with one system only.
  • 5 year manufacturer's warranty.

Product Information

About the Aico Ei428:

The Aico Ei428 RadioLINK Relay Module switches a relay upon receipt of an alarm from an Aico RadioLink fire alarm system.The electrically isolated contacts can be used for many applications such as linking into a nurse call system, signalling, turning on lights, strobes etc. The Ei428 Relay Base is powered by 230VAC mains and has rechargeable battery backup cells (in the event of a mains failure).The Ei428 is designed to operate with all Aico (Ei) RadioLINK products.

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