Ei 1529rc Alarm Control Switch - 160rc & 140rc

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Ei 1529rc Alarm Control Switch - 160rc & 140rc

The wall mounted switch unit can locate the initial source of an alarm, silence any false alarms and test all the alarms in the system. 
  • 230V mains powered unit
  • For use with the Ei140RC and Ei160RC series of mains powered smoke and heat alarms
  • Compatible with Ei261ENRC Carbon Monoxide alarms
  • Complies with BS 415: 1990
  • Easy installation with 3 core cable: live, neutral and interconnect/control
  • The locate option silences all the alarms except the initial activating alarm allowing easy identification of the source of the fire
  • The test option will activate all the alarms
  • The hush option will silence any false alarm
  • Auto-reset within 10 minutes for locate and hush

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