Ei 144rc Heat Alarm 230v + Alkaline Backup

AicoSKU: EI-144RC

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Mains powered heat alarm with hush button from Ei, available as a replacement heat alarm detector head or complete with Easi-Fit mounting base plate.  This is the latest Ei144"RC" detector - now capable of interconnecting with the Ei1529RC remote control switch. Ideal for protecting kitchens and garages.  The Ei144RC replaces the previous Ei144 model but can still be used to extend and interlink to an existing Ei140 system.

  • 230V Hard-wired smoke alarm
  • Available in two versions:
  • With alkaline back-up battery
  • 5 year warranty
  • A maximum of 12 units can be interconnected via 3 core interconnection cable
  • Other alarms that can be interconnected include:
  • Suitable for installations complying to BS 5839-6: 2013 Grade D, E and F
  • Kitemarked to BS 5446-2: 2003
  • CE Marked
  • Low battery LED indicator
  • Separate mains and warning LEDs
  • Hush button for false alarm control
  • Fixed temperature fast response thermistor type sensor, range 54° - 62° C

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