ECU-8 8 Line Master EVC Control Unit (Wall Mounting)

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c/w Line Cards, Handset and Display

For disabled reguge and fire telephone applications.

Meets and exceeds the requirments of BS5839 part 9

Ideal for diabled refuge, fire telephone and stadium marshall applications

Compact 1 - 8 line (expandable to 16 lines0 wall mounting central controller, saves valuable desk and floor space in crowded control rooms.

New network communication card allows up to four master controllers to be interlinked allowing systems of up to 64 lines to be easily implemented.

Type B stainless steel 'Disabled Refuge' outstations offer tru duplex hands-free speech - flush, surface and weatherproof versions are available.

Type A 'Fire Telephone' outstations come in locking or non-locking red steel cabinets and offer true duplex speech - semi-flush and surface versions are available.

Unique 'auto-learn' facility allows fast network set up.

All extensions can be named with user-defined text of up to 15 characters

Fully monitored hardware and software

System operates at 24VDC

In the event of a mains failure, operation can be maintained for 24 hours (standby) and 3 hours (in use) using 2 x 12v 7A/h batteries

Optional line tester allows cable faults to be checked prior to equipment connection

Ideal for hotels, shopping malls, office blocks, transport terminals, banks, sports stadia, entertainment complexes, auditoria, etc.

16 - 128 line wall/desk mounting central control equipment also available for larger systems

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