ECU-4 4 Line Master EVC Controller C/W Handset


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ECU-4 4 Line Master EVC Controller C/W Handset

Introducing the latest addition to C-TEC's SigTEL disabled refuge system - a cost-effective four line master control unit.

Ideal for use in small emergency voice communication applications requiring up to four outstations, the ECU-4 is based on our popular ECU-8 master controller. Like the ECU-8, it includes a digital display for ease of use and a red telephone-style handset.

Typically located in a building's control room or a fire services access point, the ECU-4 allows management or the emergency services to communicate via its handset with up to four Type A (fire telephone) or Type B (disabled refuge) outstations (any mix). Like the ECU-8, it can be optionally mounted in a BF359/3 anti-tamper stainless steel enclosure.

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