CHQ-WSB2(WHT)/WL Wall Sounder Beacon - White case, white LEDs


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CHQ-WSB2(WHT)/WL Wall Sounder Beacon - White case, white LEDs

Manufactured by Hochiki, this Hochiki CHQ-WSB2 (WHT) / WL Wall Sounder Beacon - White Case, White Leds is an EN54-23 compliant addressable loop powered Wall Sounder Beacon innovatively designed to provide a range of tones and volumes with a maximum output of up to 102dB(A) (±2dB(A)) with low current consumption. The unit features an integral beacon within the horn utilising high intensity LED technology and is designed to fit to the Standard Base (YBO-R/3(WHT)) or the Isolator Base (YBO-R/SCI(WHT-SNDR)).

The sounder is IP rated to IP21 for internal use but it can be made weatherproof by utilising the WS2-WPK(WHT) Weatherproof Kit, which consists of a specialised back box and gasket set. Also incorporates an auto shutdown mode which allows the user to set a fixed time within which the sounder will operate, before automatically silencing itself, ideal for minimising noise pollution.

Product Details:

Manufacturer: Hochiki
Part Number: CHQ-WSB2 (WHT)

Key Features:

  • Dependent on control panel compatibility.
  • Loop Powered
  • Single Loop Address - addressed via the TCH-B200 Hand Held Programmer
  • Variable Sound Output 90 ~ 102 dB(A) (+/-2 dB(A)) output at 1 metre
  • High Intensity LED technology
  • 0.5 or 1Hz flash frequency
  • Fits Hochiki Standard or Isolator Base
  • Weatherproof Kit available
  • 51 User-Selectable Tones (all tones EN54-3 compatible)
  • Approved by LPCB to EN54-23: 2010 - Category 'O' (Certificate No 164t/03)
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