CHQ-DSC2(SCI) Dual Sounder Controller with SCI


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CHQ-DSC2(SCI) Dual Sounder Controller with SCI

Manufactured by Hochiki, this Hochiki CHQ-DSC2 (SCI) Dual Sounder Controller With SCI is a Dual Sounder Controller, which has been designed to provide two sounder outputs (that can be driven separately) with full fault monitoring. The monitored input can be used for local power supply fault monitoring or as a general-purpose input. The unit utilises simple DIL switches for reliable addressing. A back box is also available (CHQ-BACKBOX) which, when used in conjunction with the CHQ-DSC2(SCI), increases the IP rating to IP65.

Product Details:

Manufacturer: Hochiki
Part Number: CHQ-DSC2(SCI)

Key Features:

  • Single loop address
  • Two independent sounder circuits
  • Each circuit fully monitored for open and short circuit faults
  • Each alarm circuit fused at 1 A
  • Auxiliary monitored input
  • Outputs are synchronised and can be driven continuously or intermittently
  • 24 V dc auxiliary power required
  • DIN rail version available
  • Both models feature an integral short-circuit isolator
  • Both models approved by LPCB and VdS
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