ATJ-EN(BLK) Multi-Heat Sensor - Black Case


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ATJ-EN(BLK) Multi-Heat Sensor - Black Case

The ATJ-EN(BLK) incorporates a variable temperature heat element and a rate of rise heat element, both of which are controlled from the Control Panel, allowing either or both elements simultaneously to be active in making the fire decision. The sensor polling LEDs can also be controlled via the Control Panel (pulsing/non-pulsing - control panel compatibility required).

 Key Features:

  • User selectable modes
  • Incorporates Fixed Temperature and Rate of Rise Heat elements
  • Twin LEDs allow 360 degree viewing - green when polling, red in fire
  • Pulsing/non-pulsing controlled from panel
  • Electronically addressed
  • LPCB & VdS approved to Classes A, B & C
  • SIL Level 2 approved variant available
  • Also available in white and ivory

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