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Apollo MiniDisc Remote Indicator: The Perfect Ally in Fire Protection

When it comes to fire protection, the Apollo MiniDisc Remote Indicator is a device you can trust implicitly. This compact, lightweight LED indicator is small in size, but mighty in operation, designed to keep you in the loop when every second counts.

Features that Make a Difference

Composed of two distinct parts - a base that's expertly installed onto a wall or soffit, and a lid secured to the base with a sturdy bayonet lock - this device is as sleek as it is functional.

Technical Details Apollo MiniDisc Remote Indicator
Voltage (A & C) 5 - 36 V
Max Current (B & C) 25 mA up to 40ºC
Operating Temperature -10 ºC to +60 ºC
Detector Range Connections Series 65, AlarmSense, Orbis, XP95, Discovery, Soteria (A & C for all; B & C for Orbis and XP95 Intrinsically Safe)
Standards and Approvals VNIIPO, CNBOP, Kazaksthan
Dimensions 80mm diameter x 20mm high
Materials White flame-retardant polycarbonate

For ease of installation, provided are two pairs of keyholes, one for 50mm and the other for 60mm fixing centres.

The High-performance 53832 Series

As a part of the renowned 53832 series, the Apollo MiniDisc Remote Indicator has been designed to perfection.

Its model number, 53832-070APO, has become synonymous with reliability and top-notch performance in the realm of fire alarm response indicators.

Detector Range Connection Types
Series 65 A, C
AlarmSense B, C
Orbis A, C
Orbis (Safe) A, C
XP95 A, C
XP95 (Safe) B, C
Discovery A, C
Soteria A, C


Apollo Minidisc remote indicator diagram

But the Apollo MiniDisc Remote Indicator is more than just a fire alarm response indicator.

It's a powerful device, functioning as a remote alarm indicator that can be integrated with various other systems.

It does this without compromising its primary function or requiring any complex alterations.

Consider the Apollo MiniDisc Remote Indicator as your minidisc remote control, designed to make fire alarm systems smarter and more responsive.

It's not just about sounding the alarm; it's about giving you real-time updates, accurate status reporting, and reliable Apollo remote indicator functionality.

> "Apollo MiniDisc Remote Indicator is a game-changer in the world offire protection, standing true to its code 53832-070 and offering cutting-edge remote control over your fire alarm systems."

A Fire Trade Supplies Promise

At Fire Trade Supplies, we take pride in offering a wide range of fire products that put safety first. Our Apollo MiniDisc Remote Indicator is a testament to this commitment, promising unmatched efficiency and durability.

Our collection also includes an extensive selection of products and informative blog posts to cater to all your fire protection needs. After all, safeguarding lives and properties is our ultimate goal.

Let the Apollo MiniDisc Remote Indicator serve as your dependable partner in fire protection. With this device in your arsenal, you'll always be one step ahead of potential threats. It's not just about surviving a fire; it's about preventing one.

Apollo 53832-070APO Specifications:

Apollo 53832-070APO

 Date Sheet

Apollo Minidisc data sheet

Apollo 53832-070APO

 Installation Guide 

Apollo Minidisc data sheet 

Apollo 53832-070APO

BIM Files


 Apollo Minidisc data sheet


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