Aico Ei650RF Optical Alarm (Radio Link)

Color: White
Material: Plastic
Sale price$74.00 USD


At fire trade we supply a wide range of Aico Smoke alarms, specifically the Aico Ei650RF optical smoke alarm 


Aico Ei60rf smoke alarm description:

The Aico Ei60rf optical smoke alarm is produced with a built in Optical Smoke Chamber.

The Ei650iRF RadioLINK+ Optical Smoke Alarm is used for discovering low burning fires which can be produced in any residential/industrial building via electrical fires or furniture. an added bonus for the end user is that the Aico Ei60rf if fitted within residential housing is less likely to be triggered by cooking smells etc which mean it can be fitted in or around the kitchen and surrounding hall ways.

Information on Battery and Lifespan:

The Aico Ei60rf is a battery powered alarm, which offers user safety in the event of a powercut. The detector comes with a sealed in, tamper-proof lithium battery that offers the end users a 10-year life of the alarm, making this detector money efficient. The detector is not activated until the end user twists on the mounting base, therefore prohibiting battery power consumption during storage and prior to installation. ensuring the end user is getting their full 10 year life span.

with Built-in RadioLINK+ Wireless Interconnection Technology the Aico Ei60rf 

uses Radio Frequency signals to link alarms together allowing for added functionality to the end user.


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