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Manufactured by Ziton, the Ziton ZP3 Fire Alarm Panel is an analogue addressable fire detection and alarm system. The system is based upon a number of advanced technologies that have been specially developed to provide the greatest flexibility with a complete range of hardware which is backed up with software that can greatly be adjusted to the users requirements.

The Ziton ZP3 Fire Alarm Panel has a number of loop sizes available in it’s range. From 1 2 and 3 loops which accommodates up to 508 sensing addresses. There may well be locations that require more than 4 loops and the panels can be linked together on the network to form an overall system that is more capable. For example, 100 fire alarm panels can connect over 50,000 devices onto the network.

There are a number of line devices that can be connected to each other in the control panel loops. These include, callpoints, sounders, interface units and other sensors. There are up to 127 devices which can be connected to the line. 

Ziton ZP3 Manufacturer:


Full details of Ziton ZP3 Fire Alarm Panel With The Technical Specification:

  •  Very Easy To Operate
  • Make Automatic Changes To Adjusting Of Contamination
  • The Alarm Has An Advanced Alarm Verification
  • Service + Near Service List For Devices
  • The Advanced Loop Can Be Isolated
  • The Ability To Automatically Self Test
  • Night Control Along With Day Control
  • The Ability To Test The Sounder
  • A User Interface For The Radio Loop
  • Protected By A Password
  • The Ability To Log Events - Anywhere Up To 1,000 Alarms Possible
  • Planner Included For Windows
  • Loop Load Calculator
  • Diagnosis Available Remotely - Via WIFI or Ethernet
  • Part of the ZP analogue addressable system

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