Testifire 6001 Smoke / Heat Detector Test & Removal Kit - 6 Meters

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The Testifire 6001-001: A Superior Solution for Combined Smoke and Heat Detector Testing

Introducing the Testifire 6001-001, the epitome of efficiency and quality in the world of fire safety testing equipment.

This product is a part of our esteemed Testifire Equipment Collection, where we showcase a wide range of high-quality testing equipment for various fire safety systems.

Product Overview: The Testifire 6001-001

The Testifire 6001-001 offers an all-in-one solution for fire safety professionals.

This high-tech kit can test and remove smoke and heat detectors up to a height of 6 metres, making it an invaluable tool for every fire safety engineer.

"The Testifire 6001-001 test kit is designed for fire safety professionals. It allows for the testing and head removal of smoke and heat detectors up to a height of 6 metres."

Unlike traditional detector testing kits, the Testifire 6001-001 offers a unique feature - a single head unit capable of testing both smoke and heat detectors.

This feature eliminates the need to swap heads between tests, leading to substantial time savings and improving productivity.

In addition to the practicality of its design, the Testifire 6001-001 utilities capsules instead of traditional test gas canisters.

this provides a more environmentally friendly alternative to its counterparts. This way, you can ensure that your fire safety tests are both efficient and eco-friendly.

Component Quantity Included
Testifire 1000-001 Test Head Unit 1x
TS3-001 Smoke Test Capsule 1x
Solo 770-001 Battery Batons 2x
Solo 727-001 Car & Mains Charger 1x
Solo 100-001 Telescopic Test Pole (4.5 Metres) 1x
Solo 200-001 Detector Head Removal Tool 1x
Solo 610-001 Carry Bag 1x

Each component plays a crucial role in the testing process:

    • The Testifire 1000-001 Test Head Unit, being a key component, offers an innovative solution for testing both smoke and heat detectors.
    • The TS3-001 Smoke Test Capsule allows for the eco-friendly testing of smoke detectors.
    • The Solo 770-001 Battery Batons offer reliable power, ensuring the continuous functioning of the testing equipment.
    • The Solo 727-001 Car & Mains Charger provides the flexibility to charge your equipment from a variety of power sources.
    • The Solo 100-001 Telescopic Test Pole, which extends up to 4.5 meters, allows for testing detectors installed at greater heights.
    • The Solo 200-001 Detector Head Removal Tool provides an easy and safe way to remove detector heads after testing.
    • Lastly, the Solo 610-001 Carry Bag offers a convenient storage and transport solution for all these components.

Exclusive Features of the Testifire 6001:

The Testifire 6001-001 also provides you with the option to select from two types of battery batons: the 6060 or the 6061.

Each option is priced competitively, ensuring that you receive the best quality product without compromising on your budget.

Comparative Analysis:

In comparison to other detector testing kits, the Testifire 6001-001 outshines its competitors with its unique, capsule-based design and integrated head unit.

These features are not commonly found in many other kits, such as those in our Solo Test Equipment Collection, making the Testifire 6001-001 a top-tier choice for fire safety professionals worldwide.

In our effort to cater to your every fire safety need, we also offer a variety of related products.

For instance, the Testifire Replacement Smoke Capsule (Pack of 3) and the Testifire Inner Cup could be indispensable additions to your testing toolkit.

Concluding Thoughts

At Fire Trade Supplies, our commitment to providing quality fire safety equipment is unwavering.

With the Testifire 6001-001, we offer a solution that delivers on every aspect, from performance to sustainability.

With this kit in your arsenal, rest assured that your fire safety tests will be as effective as they are environmentally friendly.

Intrigued? Visit our website today to explore the Testifire 6001-001 and our wide range of products designed to meet your every fire safety need.

Testifire 6001 001 Specifications:

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