58000-305APO Apollo Discovery CO/Heat Multisensor Detector

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Key Features:

  • Apollo 58000-305APO
  • Ideal for a wide range of applications
  • Enhanced false alarm management
  • Recommended, in specific modes, for hotel bedrooms and hospital wards
  • Unaffected by wind or atmospheric pressure
  • Well suited for sensitive environments
  • Five response models
  • Remote test feature
  • Please note that all bases sold separately

Product Details:

Manufacturer: Apollo
Part Number: 58000-305APO
Number of Products: 1 CO/Heat Multisensor Detector

Manufactured by Apollo, this Apollo Discovery CO/Heat Multisensor Detector 58000-305APO is part of the Apollo Discovery® is a range of high-specification, analogue addressable fire detectors and alarm devices.

Discovery detectors offer effective false alarm management by a combination of EN 54 approved operating modes and sophisticated algorithms. Drift compensation further reduces the likelihood of false alarms caused by a build-up of dust in the sensing chamber. In addition to the familiar smoke and heat detectors, the Discovery range features two multi-sensor detectors. One is an optical/heat multi-sensor which can be used to protect against many types of fire risk. The other is a carbon monoxide/heat multi-sensor which protects against both smoldering fires and those generating heat.

The Discovery CO/Heat Multisensor Detector contains a CO detection cell and a thermistor temperature sensor whose outputs are combined to give the final analogue value. The way in which the signals from the two sensors are combined depends on the response mode selected. The CO/Heat Multisensor detects the presence of carbon monoxide or heat or a combination of both. The Multisensor construction is similar to that of a CO detector but uses a different lid in order to expose the thermistor to the surrounding air. The signals from the CO sensing cell and the thermistor are independent and represent the amount of CO or the temperature present in the vicinity of the detector. When the detector is used in heat only mode (Mode 5) it operates as an A1R rate-of-rise heat detector with a static threshold of 58°C.


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