58000-300APO Apollo Discovery Carbon Monoxide Detector

ApolloSKU: 58000-300APO

Sale price$65.00 USD


Manufactured by Apollo, this Apollo Discovery Carbon Monoxide Detector 58000-300APO contains a long-life electrochemical CO sensor. The sensing technology is fast, accurate and needs only very low power. CO detectors do not detect smoke particles or heat and are not universal replacements for smoke detectors.

Product Details:

Manufacturer: Apollo
Part Number: 58000-300APO
Number of Products: 1 Carbon Monoxide Detector

Key Features:

  • Apollo 58000-300APO
  • Enhanced detection capability
  • Ideal for smouldering fires
  • Less susceptible to false alarms caused by steam than smoke detectors
  • Five response modes
  • Remote test feature
  • Please note that all bases sold separately

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