557.200.719 Fireclass FC501-L Triple Circuit Single Loop 1.5A PSU

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Manufactured by Fireclass, this Fireclass FC501-L Triple Circuit Single Loop 1.5A PSU 557.200.719 is a FireClass 500 systems are simple to install and easy to use. Innovative software tools are provided to simplify all stages of a project from system design to final commissioning. The new FC501 panel is an out of the boxtriple circuit single loop panel featuring auto addressing and Intelli-Zone feature combining the semplicity of a conventional system with the power of the addressable technology. The Fireclass 500 system’s large clear panel displays and optional real-time graphics system provide the user with accurate information of fire and related events.

Fireclass FC501-L Triple Circuit Single Loop 1.5A PSU 557.200.719 product specifications / product detail are as follows:

Manufacturer: Fireclass
Part Number: FC501-L

Benefits / Details of Fireclass FC501-L Triple Circuit Single Loop 1.5A PSU 557.200.719 include:

  • Low cost entry leveltriple circuit single loop addressable panel
  • Auto addressing with Intelli-Zone feature
  • Full out of the box functionality
  • Versatile easy to install addressable alternative to conventional panels
  • 3 in 1 Loops
  • Up to 400mA current dynamically shared across 3 loop circuits
  • Two versions available (1.5 A or 2.5 A power supply)
  • Up to 128 Addresses / 32 Zones
  • Easy to programme
  • Auto Addressing
  • Auto mapping with Intelli-Zone feature
  • Out of the Box
  • On Line Help function
  • USB interface dual role Host/Device
  • Multi Users/Multi Installers (Up to 2 Installers, 8 Users)
  • Walk test function
  • 4000 Event Log
  • Loop break location
  • On board PSTN communicator
  • Optional IP board
  • GSM/GPRS as external module
  • LCD display (160 Characters)
  • Up to 4 repeaters
  • Up to 4 Multifunction interfaces for printer / simplified fire brigade panels
  • Event transmission via PSTN and IP
  • Front panel controls enabling text and configuration changes
  • Displays temperature, CO level and smoke level at any point
  • Automatic drift compensation
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