55000-885APO XP95 Multi-Sensor Detector (Optical/Heat)

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55000-885APO XP95 Multi-Sensor Detector (Optical/Heat)

Manufactured by Apollo, this Apollo XP95 Multi-Sensor 55000-885APO contains an optical smoke sensor and a thermistor temperature sensor whose outputs are combined to give the final analogue value. The sensitivity of the detector is considered the optimum for most general applications since it offers good response to both smouldering and flaming fires.

Product Details:

Manufacturer: Apollo
Part Number: 55000-885
Number of Products: Pack of 1 Multisensor
Dimensions: 100mm x 50mm
Colour: White

Key Features:

  • Detector Principle: Photoelectric detection/Heat: temperature-sensitive resistance
  • Supply wiring: Two wire supply, Polarity insensitive
  • Operating voltage: 17-28V DC
  • Alarm Indicator: 2 colourless LED's, illuminated red in alarm
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