55000-400APO Apollo XP95 Heat Detector (A2S)

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55000-400APO Apollo XP95 Heat Detector (A2S)

Engineering the future of fire safety has been the primary goal of Apollo Fire Alarms. The cornerstone of their success lies in the development of revolutionary products such as the Apollo XP95 Heat Detector.

Key Features of the XP95 Heat Detector (A2S)

  • Thermistor Monitoring: Utilizing a single thermistor, the Apollo XP95 heat detector monitors temperature with precision. It provides a count output proportional to the external air temperature, reporting an alarm at 55 °C.

  • Reliability: This detector is designed to perform reliably in areas with a wide temperature range (-20 °C to +70 °C), making it an ideal choice for environments that are dirty or smoky under normal conditions.

  • Resilience: The Apollo XP95 heat detector is unaffected by wind and atmospheric pressure. Its resilience is a testament to its advanced design and meticulous engineering.

    Product Overview Details
    Product Heat Detector - A2S
    Part No. 55000-400
    Product Heat Detector - A2S
    Part No. 55000-420
    Product Heat Detector - CS
    Part No. 55000-401
    Digital Communication XP95, Discovery and CoreProtocol® compatible
Part No. Apollo xp95 heat Approvals
55000-400 CPR, LPCB


In the words of one Apollo engineer,

"In fire safety, resilience and reliability are paramount. The XP95 heat detector encapsulates both, standing as a beacon of trust for safety professionals."

As an authorised distributor of Apollo Fire Alarms, Fire Trade Supplies is proud to carry the full range of Apollo fire alarm products, which incorporate the cutting-edge XP95 range.

Technical Specifications

The XP95 Heat Detector (A2S), part number 55000-400APO, is a high-precision fire detection device. For a complete overview of technical specifications at the bottom of the page.

Technical Specification Value
Detection Principle Linear approximation over temperature range 25 °C to 90 °C
Sensor Single NTC thermistor
Sampling Frequency Continuous
Sensitivity at 90°C 55 counts
Supply Wiring Two-wire supply, polarity insensitive
Terminal Functions L1 & L2 Loop in & out positive; +R Remote indicator positive; –R Remote indicator negative
Supply Voltage 17 V to 28 V dc
Digital Communication XP95, Discovery and CoreProtocol compatible
Modulation Voltage 5 V - 9 V peak to peak
Quiescent Current 300 µA
Power-Up Surge Current 1mA
Duration of Power-Up Surge Current 0.3 seconds
Max Power-Up Time 4 seconds
Analogue Value at 25ºC 25 ± 5 counts
Alarm Indicator Red LED
Alarm LED Current 4 mA
Remote LED Current Internal 4.5 k to +ve line (5 mA max)
Storage Temperature -30°C to +80 °C
Operating Temperature -20°C to +70 °C
Humidity (No Condensation or Icing) 0% to 95% RH
Effect of Atmospheric Pressure None
Effect of Wind Speed None in fixed temperature use
Vibration, Impact, and Shock To EN 54 - 5
IP Rating IP54
Standards and Approvals EN54, CPR, LPCB, VdS, BOSEC, SBSC, CCMG, FG
Dimensions 100mm diameter x 42 mm height
Weight 105 g
Material Housing: White flame retardant polycarbonate; Terminals: Nickel plated stainless steel


Value Proposition

The Apollo XP95 heat detector offers unrivalled safety and early fire detection, meeting stringent industry standards and regulatory approvals.

It's a powerful tool in the hands of facility managers, safety professionals, or anyone responsible for fire safety.


The XP95 Heat Detector - A Core Component of Fire Safety

In the world of fire safety, temperature monitoring is essential. The Apollo XP95 heat detector's ability to provide a count output proportional to external air temperature makes it stand out among other detectors.

Given the critical role of heat detectors in fire safety, it is worth diving deeper into how they work, as highlighted in our Fire Trade Supplies blog.

Ready to enhance your fire safety? Learn more about the Apollo XP95 heat detector and its unique features. For more information, contact us, request a quote, or simply click Buy Now to make a purchase.

Enhance your fire safety today with the XP95 heat detector, designed for reliability, resilience, and precision.

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