55000-394 Apollo Alarmsense (2 Wire) Optical Smoke Detector & Sounder Beacon Base

ApolloSKU: 55000-394

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The AlarmSense optical smoke detector uses an internal pulsing LED and a photo-diode at an obtuse angle.
In the event of smoke entering the chamber, the light pulse from the LED will be scattered and registered by the photo-diode.
The detector will then enter the alarm state and the indicator LED lights up.
This unit comes with a sounder base which is fitted with electronic circuitry to monitor
the presence of detectors and signals any unauthorised removal of detector heads.
It is supplied with a high or low volume setting and caps are available for stand-alone installation.

This unit comes with the AlarmSense Sounder Beacon Base which is designed to be used with AlarmSense detectors only.

Features of Detector

Dimensions:  100mm x 42mm
Weight: 100g
Fitted with 2 LEDs for 360° visibility

Colour:  White

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