55000-280 Apollo XP95 (IR) Flame Detector




Manufactured by Apollo, this Apollo XP95 IR Flame Detector 55000-280 is sensitive to low-frequency, flickering infra-red radiation emitted by flames during combustion. It is designed for use in large areas that require a detector to give a fast response in potentially dusty or highly flammable environments.

The XP95 infra-red (IR) Flame Detector has been designed for use where open flaming fires may be expected. Applications include aircraft hangars, coal handling and paper manufacturing plants and woodworking environments.

In quiescent condition, ie in the absence of a flame, the detector returns an analogue value of 25. When radiation from a flame is detected, the detector signals an alarm by increasing the returned analogue value to 55 (usually within 1.5 seconds). The value may continue to rise until it reaches a pre-set maximum of 64.

In the alarm state, the XP95 Flame Detector latches for 20 seconds, with the analogue value decreasing to 25 once the flame is no longer detected.

Apollo XP95 IR Flame Detector 55000-280 product specifications / product detail are as follows:

Manufacturer: Apollo
Part Number: 55000-280
Number of Products: Pack of 1 Flame Detector

Benefits / Details of Apollo XP95 IR Flame Detector 55000-280 include:

  • loop-powered
  • sensitive to flickering IR
  • able to detect open flames and glowing embers
  • compatible with XP95 and Discovery and
  • has a 90° field of view
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