55000-137APO Series 65 CS Fixed Temperature Heat Detector 90c

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55000-137APO Series 65 CS Fixed Temperature Heat Detector 90c

The Series 65 Heat Detector monitors temperature by using a dual thermistor network which provides a voltage output proportional to the external air temperature.

 Key Features:

  • Can be used for applications where smoke detectors are unsuitable
  • Ideal for environments that are dirty or smoky under natural conditions
  • Wide operating voltage
  • Flashing LED and magnet operated test switch option

About Apollo Series 65:

  • Can be used on security systems
  • Proven detection performance
  • Designed to meet approvals worldwide


Manufactured by Apollo, this Apollo Series 65 CS Fixed Temperature Heat Detector 90C 55000-137 smoke & heat detector range is a direct replacement for the earlier Series 60 devices. Series 65 detectors have a wide voltage range (9-33 volt DC) and can be integrated on to security systems when used with the 12 volt relay base (45681-508).

The heat detector operates by using a matched pair of thermistors to sense heat. One thermistor is exposed to the ambient temperature, the other is sealed. In normal conditions, the two thermistors register similar temperatures, but, on the development of a fire, the temperature recorded by the exposed thermistor will increase rapidly, resulting in an imbalance of the thermistors and causing the detector to change to the alarm state.

A1R, BR and CR are Rate of Rise detectors, designed to detect a fire as the temperature increases, but they also have a fixed upper limit at which the detector will go into alarm if the rate of temperature increase has been too slow to trigger the detector earlier. CS detector is a fixed heat detector which only changes to the alarm state at a preset temperature.


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