517.050.041 Fireclass 4B Detector Base

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Manufactured by Fireclass, this Fireclass 4B Detector Base 517.050.041. The FC400CH is designed to transmit, to a FireClass 500 control panel, digital signals which represent the status of the carbon monoxide and heat elements of the detector. Not compatible with FC32, FC64 and FC240.

The new 4B-I 4” Isolator base is designed to snap-fit to the ceiling tile adaptor or it can screw fix to a ceiling in the traditional manner. The 4B-I 4” base is designed specifically for use with the FC460 series detectors and provides protection against short circuit faults on the FireClass digital addressable loop.

Fireclass 4B Detector Base 517.050.041 product specifications / product detail are as follows:

Manufacturer: Fireclass
Part Number: 517.050.041

Benefits / Details of Fireclass 4B Detector Base 517.050.041 include:

  • For use with the FC460 series detectors
  • Compact rigid design that improves the appearance and is easy to install
  • Drives a remote indicator
  • Up to 250 x 4B-I 4” isolators can be connected on each loop
  • Snap fit to the time saver ceiling tile adaptor
  • Detector locking pin included
  • Detector park position for service and commissioning,
  • Break-outs for surface mount
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