516.800.757 FireClass FC430LPSB Loop Powered Sounder Base

FireclassSKU: 516.800.757

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The FireClass loop powered addressable sounder base FC430LPSB offers a remarkable saving in terms of installation time and costs.   Fire alarm sounder bases such as the FC430LPSB actually provide 3 functions.  Not only do they provide a base for a fire or smoke detector, they have an inbuilt fire alarm sounder and an isolator which is inbuilt into the fire alarm sounder base.  

Unlike the FireClass FC430SB fire alarm sounder base, this FireClass sounder base is fully addressable and can be programmed, without depending on the fire and smoke detector installed on it.  Using the fire alarm control panel it is possible to select any of 15 tones and 4 volumes on the FC430LPSB FireClass fire alarm sounder bases.  Combining a smoke detector base, fire alarm sounder, and line isolator in one low cost fire alarm sounder base will result in a dramatic reduction in the final installation cost.   Fire installers and service engineers have provided feedback showing a cost saving between 40- 55%, of the installation costs per fire detection point can be saved.  This presents an exciting opportunity for sellers in the DDA compliant market.  This is achieved without the need for specialist high cost fire and smoke detector heads.

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