30760 Stratos-Micra 25 Basic Detector + Docking Station + Relay Card


Kidde Airsense


This unit is the same as the 30671 detector but includes a relay interface card (part no. 30436).
The input relay card provides four alarm level relay outputs, a fault output and three pairs of
input terminals. Shorting together the relevant pair of input terminals, will activate one of the
following features: Remote Reset, Remote Isolate, Remote Day/Night Switching or ClassiFire
Override. Alternatively these inputs can be used to monitor a power supply with a N/C fault output.

This unit is a sub-miniature very high sensitivity aspirating detector with sensitivity scale ranging from
‘hypersensitive’ to ‘low’ sensitivity (0.002 – 25% obs/metre), depending upon environment.
This product employs an updated Artificial Intelligence system known as ClassiFire-3D® to
allow it to automatically adjust sensitivity with no external input.
The system also incorporates Laser Dust Discrimination (LDD™), making this product suitable for a wide range of
environments, including most dusty or dirty areas.
This detector contains; OK, Fault, Fire indicator lamps and provision for interconnection
to fire alarm system via relay screw contacts or via separate dedicated APIC™ devices
for various Fire Alarm control panels. Maximum sampling pipe length = 50 metres (25 metres in high airflow applications).

The system is fully compatible with all other Stratos detectors and ancillary devices such as remote
bargraph display and Command Module for interconnection of large quantities of Stratos detection devices.


Affordably priced aspirating smoke detector.

Sample pipe length up to 164 ft.

Up to 10 sample ports.

RS485 and RS232 communications built in as standard for networking, remote communications and PC configuration.

Docking station for convenient installation and removal.

Rugged metal enclosure.

Dual technology laser dust discrimination/elimination system.

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