30422 Stratos Air Heater Box

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The Air Heater Unit is designed to raise the temperature of air drawn
from a very cold environment by passing it across a heating element
just as it leaves the protected area. In this manner the problem of condensation
on sampling pipework external to the protected area is minimised.
Warming the air sample will also ensure the components of the Stratos detector
operate within the specified temperature tolerances and reduces the possibility of surface condensation.

The Stratos Air Heater Unit ensures optimum performance and operation in
environments subject to extreme cold conditions, such as frozen storage warehouses.


Air Heater Unit for Low Temperature Applications

Enables use of Stratos Aspirating Smoke Detection systems in cold & frozen environments

Fabricated sheet steel enclosure and access cover. Surface finish is passivated zinc plated.

Self-regulating heating element - 110/230 VAC 60/200 Watts.

Inlets - 4 x 3/4 inch male ABS tank connector. (25mm optional). If metallic sampling
pipe is to be used these can be changed to the appropriate connectors.

Outlets - 2 x 3/4 inch male ABS tank connector.

Cable entry gland

Ceramic terminal block.

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