Honeywell Gent Xenex Repeater Panel - 8 Zone Conventional Panel | Xenex 13271-08LB

GentSKU: 13271-08LB

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Manufactured by Honeywell Gent, from the Honeywell Gent Conventional Panel range, our Gent Xenex Advanced Repeater Panel - 8 Zone Conventional Panel is a highly cost effective option for small for small building premises requiring coverage for up to eight zones. Certified to EN54 Parts 2 & 4, the Xenex panel contains an integral power supply and battery standby for up to 72hrs.

With up to eight alarm sounder circuits, fire alarm repeater panel has remote evacuation control and one-man test and commissioning Xenex is a leader in conventional panel technology.

Fire Alarm Repeater Panel Price - as stated above.

The benefits of the Gent Xenex 8 Zone include:

  • This Gent Xenex 8 Zone deploys devices with a conventional wiring layout which uses a 2 core cable
  • The Gent device has the option of a full range of smoke detectors, heat detectors, sounders, strobes and bells
  • The sounder option also includes a shallow base as well as a deep base and bedhead sounder types
  • Importantly, where installation requires it to be protected from the weather with sound weatherproofing - IP555 sounders, as well as sirens are available for this system
  • Manual call points are available in surface mounted or flush fitting models and our door release units and Xenon flashers can be accommodated by this system. 
  • It is possible that spare test keys can be used to test manual call points without needing to break the glass
  • There is a feature of false alarm verification to filter out false alarms through the software

Interested in another Honeywell Gent Xenex:

At Fire Trade Supplies, we offer a range of Gent Conventional Xenex Panels. Our Gent fire panel range covers most areas of your needs from 2, 4 & 8 Zone Gent Xenex panels, various replacement PCB panels to Xenex Conventional Spares Pack - we’ve got it all.

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