10SCO Combination Smoke and CO Alarm

Sale price$35.00 USD


Battery-powered combination alarm that offers protection from the dual dangers of smoke and carbon monoxide in a single unit for added convenience – the voice alarm feature audibly announces which danger has been detected.


  • Voice Alarm feature tells you which danger has been detected even after the event
  • Peak level memory provides notification (voice and LED) when dangerous CO levels have been previously detected
  • Front loading battery compartment makes changing the battery easy and convenient (right)
  • HushTM button to temporarily silence nuisance alarms
  • Test/Reset button to allow regular testing of alarm function
  • Battery operation – 9V battery supplied as standard


Designed to be wall- or ceiling-mounted, this battery-powered unit is perfect for when space is limited but protection is paramount. It can be used in most locations throughout the home but check in in-pack guidelines for specific installation instructions.

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