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Showing 1 - 24 of 27 products
MA2634 Tool Tote
CK Tools MA2634 Tool Tote
Sale price£70.61 GBP
MA2631 Technician's Rucksack
CK Tools MA2631 Technician's Rucksack
Sale price£57.79 GBP
MA2630 Technician's Tool Case
T4407 8 Piece TX Tamperproof Key Folding Set
T4405A 7 Piece Hexagon Key Folding Set - Imperial
T0957-1 Soft Grip Trimming Knife - Retracting
T3482 210mm Pocket Level
CK Tools T3482 210mm Pocket Level
Sale price£11.06 GBP
T3561-100 30m (100ft) Measuring Tape - Fibreglass
T3442-16 5m (16ft) ST Tape Measure
T3707DX ESD Tool Kit - 14 Piece
T3703D ESD Pliers Set - 6 Piece
T5953 VDE 10 Piece Pliers & Screwdrivers Kit (PZ)
T5952 Electrician's 14 Piece Tool Tote Kit
595003 Electrician's 19 Piece Premium Tool Kit
T5421 MightyRods Pro 10m Standard Cable Rod Set
T49193 VDE Screwdriver Set - 8 Piece Slotted/PZ
T49183 VDE Screwdriver Set - 6 Piece Slotted/PZ
430021 Ratchet Crimping Pliers - Insulated Terminals
T39077-180 VDE Electrician's Pliers 180mm (7")
T3805 VDE Pliers Set - 3 Piece
431012 VDE Wire Stripping Pliers
431014 VDE Snipe Nose Pliers - Straight 200mm (8")
431013 VDE Snipe Nose Pliers - Straight 175mm (61/2")
431003 VDE Combination Pliers 205mm (8")

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