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S3EP-S-R S3 Gent Sounder Red Body
Gent S3EP-S-R S3 Gent Sounder Red Body
Sale price£115.67 GBP
S3-S-VAD-HPW-R GENT S3 red Body High Power White Sounder VAD
S3-V-VAD-HPR-R Gent Red Body Sounder High Power Red VAD
S3-S-VAD-LPR-R fire trade supplies
S3-VAD-HPW-R GENT S3 red Body High Power White VAD
S3-S-VAD-HPR-R S3 red Body Sounder High Power red VAD
S3-S-VAD-HPW-W S3 White Body Sounder High Power White VAD fire trade supplies
S3EP-VAD-HPW-R S3 Gent fire trade supplies
S3-V-VAD-HPW-R Gent fire trade supplies
S3-S-VAD-HPR-W fire trade supplies
S3-S-VAD-LPW-R Gent fire trade supplies
S3-VAD-HPR-R S3 Gent fire trade supplies
S3-V-W S3 Gent fire trade supplies
S3-V-R S3 fire trade supplies
S3-S-W S3 Gent Sounder White Body
S3-S-R S3 Gent fire trade supplies
Gent S3-S-R - Honeywell Gent Sounder
Sale price£73.15 GBP
Honeywell Gent S-Cubed VAD, Sounder and Voice Sounder

The Honeywell Gent S-Cubed range offers a comprehensive range of loop powered alarm sounders with integrated voice and visual alarms. The Honeywell Gent S-Cubed sounders can provide 3 different sound signals, which are selected/configured via the main control panel.  The configuration of sounder patterns will not be carried out locally at individual sounders. In order to meet with the requirements of BS5839 Part 1, the frequency of sound signals emitted will be as follows:

Features & benefits of the Honeywell Gent S-Cubed range:

  • 207 per loop
  • Red & white options
  • 103dbA at 1 metre
  • 3 Sound signals – Pulse, continuous, bomb alert
  • 2 integral Line Isolators


  • EN54 Part 3 & Part 17

The range incorporates sound, speech and an EN54-23 visual alarm all in one device. The featured Honeywell Gent S-Cubed range offers users a comprehensive range of loop powered alarm sounders which cohort with integrated voice and EN54-23 certified visual alarms. The S-Cubed Honeywell Gent range also combines with flexible configuration’s which feature on control panels, allowing for the loop powered devices to give a differentiated combination of audible and visual alarms which is beneficial for alerting and general evacuation.

The featured very low power consumption the S-Cubed range offers allows for the Honeywell Gent Vigilon system to operate higher performance sounders and VADs on the loop when compared to another manufacturer’s

Some of the key features are:

  • Each loop can support up to 200 voice sounders, 100 visual alarm devices (VADs) and up to 70 combined sounder VADs
  • The EN54-23 VADs come with adjustable light coverage which match the sounder output
  • Honeywell Gent S-Cubed range available in Environmentally Protected (EP) range with an IP66 rating
  • Four voice phrases and a bell tone available as standard
  • The Voice and tone modes can be freely configured within the same sounder
  • Active background monitoring of sounder and VAD circuits
  • Allowance to adjust the sounder volume via the commissioning tool, the panel or the HandiLink infrared remote control
Fire Alarm Sounders S-Cubed Part Code

Sounder / Red Body


Sounder / White Body


Voice Sounders:


Voice Sounder / Red Body


Voice Sounder / White Body


Sounder VADs:


Sounder / HP White VAD Red Body


Sounder / HP Red VAD Red Body


Sounder / HP White VAD White Body


Sounder / HP Red VAD White Body


Voice Sounder VADs


Voice Sounder / HP White VAD / Red Body


Voice Sounder / HP Red VAD / Red Body


Honeywell Gent S-Cubed VADs


HP White VAD / Red Body


HP Red VAD / Red Body


Standard Power Sounder VAD


Sounder/Standard Power White VAD/Red Body 


Sounder/Standard Power Red VAD/Red Body


EP Range (IP66 rated


Sounder/Red Body/EP


Voice Sounder/HP White VAD/Red Body/EP


Voice Sounder/HP Red VAD/Red Body/EP


HP White VAD/Red Body/EP


HP Red VAD/Red Body/EP



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