XPA-CB-14001 Xpander Red Sounder with Base

ApolloSKU: XPA-CB-14001

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Xpander sounders can be wall or ceiling mounted and use a bi-directional radio platform to communicate.
They feature 32 selectable tones, including the Apollo tone and a self test
which causes a fault signal to be sent if the sounder fails to operate.
The address is set at the commissioning stage by means of an XPERT card
The sounder is powered by two packs of batteries, one with 3 "AA" and one with 3 "C" size alkaline batteries,
which provide a working life of typically 3 years, this includes weekly tests and a half hour sounding in fire condition.
Sound output is 100db(A)

Colour: Red, also available in white (ZPA-CB14002)


Includes sounder base
2 Battery packs

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