XPA-CB-12034 Xpander Optical Smoke Detector (With Mounting Base)

ApolloSKU: XPA-CB-12034

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Xpander optical detectors are recommended for use as
general purpose smoke detectors for early warning of fire in most insatallations
Xpander optical detectors operate on the well established light scatter principle.
The optical design of the Xpander optical detector allows it to respond to a wide spectrum of fires.
The detector is calibrated so that Xpander is highly reliable
in detecting fires but has enhanced immunity to false alarms.


Integral indicator with 360° visibility
Includes Mounting Base
Supply voltage is 3V from radio base
Sampling frequency is once every 4 seconds
Unaffected by wind
Meets BS EN50 Emisssion regulations

Colour:  White

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