SCI-5 Base Mounted Isolator

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Manufactured by Nittan, this Nittan Base Mounted Isolator SCI-5 is a base mounted ‘Dumb” Isolator.

The SCI-5 and SCI-6 short circuit isolators are designed for use within Nittan analogue-addressable fire alarm systems. Analogue-addressable systems are commonly wired in a loop configuration and a short circuit fault occurring on the loop wiring, without short circuit isolators, will inhibit signalling on that cable, effectively rendering the entire loop disabled.

However, installing Short Circuit Isolators on the loop the section of wiring containing the short circuit may be isolated from the remainder of the loop, this limits the extent of the disablement to only that cable between two adjacent Short Circuit Isolators. The remainder of the loop may thus continue to function as normal.

The SCI-5 base version is supplied built inside out STB-4SR deep base and fully compatible with our ‘AS’ protocol smoke and heat sensors. The SCI-6 version is built into a single gang electrical plate and is fully compatible with any single gang, surface or flush electoral mounting box.

Nittan Base Mounted Isolator SCI-5 specifications / product detail are as follows:

Manufacturer: Nittan
Part Number: SCI-5

Benefits / Details of Nittan Base Mounted Isolator SCI-5 include:

  • Nittan Base Mounted Isolator
  • Part Number: SCI-5
  • Manufacturer: Nittan

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