NNE1X8/M3/834/V3 NVC 1/8W T5 Maintained 3HR

NVCSKU: NNE1X8/M3/834/V3

Sale price$21.00 USD


NNE1X8/M3/834/V3 1/8W T5 Maintained 3HR


  • 8W T5 M3 - 308 lm, 9W
  • 3 hours operation on battery power after mains power failure
  • Fluorescent versions supplied   complete with 834 lamp
  • 20m maximum viewing distance   with standard legends
  • 30m maximum viewing distance   with drop-down attachment


  • Corridors
  • Exits
  • Escape Routes


  • Polycarbonate base & cover
  • Cover fitted to base with stainless steel screws in threaded brass inserts
  • Hinged gear tray
  • Supplied with standard ("Man running towards door")
  • 20mm conduit entry


  • Semi-recessed mounting kit available. Cut-out 365 x 120. Order as separate item.
  • Spare legends available.
  • All variants may be installed as maintained or non-maintained variants. Full details and wiring diagrams supplied in instruction leaflet.
  • Dropdown attachment available. Ordered as a separate item.

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