55000-720APO Intelligent Isolator

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55000-720APO Intelligent Isolator

Manufactured by Apollo, this Apollo Intelligent Isolator 55000-720APO is placed at intervals on the loop and ensures that, in case of a short circuit, only the section between the isolators will be affected. When the short-circuit is removed, the isolators automatically restore power and data to the isolated section. A separate base is required for this unit (45681-211).

Product Details:

Manufacturer: Apollo
Part Number: 55000-720APO
Number of Products: Pack of 1 Isolator

Key Features:

  • Has a special base (45681-211)
  • Can be used instead of isolating bases
  • Wired to a loop between detectors and other devices
  • Apollo 55000-720APO
  • Apollo XP95 and Discovery protocol
  • Intelligent isolator
  • Auto resetting
  • Up to 20 detectors may be installed between isolators

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