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 Everything You Need to Know About the 22051e-26 System Sensor

What type of sensing element does the 22051e-26 system sensor use?

The 22051e-26 System Sensor uses an optical smoke sensor as its sensing element. This type of sensor works by emitting a light beam into the detection chamber and measuring the amount of light scattered by smoke particles. When smoke enters the chamber, it scatters the light, which triggers the alarm.

This optical smoke sensor is designed with improved false alarm immunity, thanks to its revolutionary detection chamber. The chamber is capable of detecting multiple fire types while minimizing false alarms.

Additionally, the sensor is equipped with an analogue addressable protocol, making it easy to integrate with other fire detection systems.

The 22051e-26 System Sensor is also low profile and comes in a pure white color, making it a discreet and aesthetically pleasing addition to any room. Its analog addressable feature allows for easy and efficient installation, while its improved detection chamber ensures reliable and accurate fire detection.

System sensor

What is the maximum temperature rating of the 22051e-26 system sensor?

The 22051e-26 system sensor is a smoke detector that is designed to detect smoke and fire. However, when it comes to the maximum temperature rating of this detector, it is important to clarify that the temperature rating can vary depending on the type of smoke detector being used.

That being said, the 22051e-26 system sensor is an optical smoke detector that uses a revolutionary detection chamber to provide improved false alarm immunity. It is an analogue addressable smoke detector that can detect multiple fire types and is suitable for use in a variety of environments.

In terms of its temperature rating, the 22051e-26 system sensor is designed to operate within a temperature range of -10°C to 50°C. This temperature range makes it suitable for use in most indoor environments, including homes, offices, and commercial establishments.

It is important to note that the temperature rating of the 22051e-26 system sensor may vary depending on the specific model and design of the smoke detector. Therefore, it is always recommended to consult the manufacturer's specifications and guidelines to ensure that the detector is installed and used correctly in the intended environment.


Is the 22051e-26 system sensor compatible with other devices?

Yes, the 22051e-26 System Sensor is compatible with other devices. This photoelectric smoke detector is designed to work seamlessly with other types of fire detection systems. It uses an optical chamber to detect smoke and triggers an alarm to alert occupants of the building.

Additionally, the 22051e-26 System Sensor offers improved false alarm immunity, making it a reliable choice for fire detection. The revolutionary detection chamber design minimizes the occurrence of false alarms, which is an essential feature for any fire detection system.

The 22051e-26 System Sensor also offers multiple fire type detection capabilities. This means that it can detect different types of fires, including slow-burning fires that produce little smoke and fast-burning fires that produce more significant amounts of smoke.

The device is available as an analogue addressable, and it uses a low profile design that blends seamlessly with any ceiling. The pure white color of the device ensures that it blends in with any décor.

Overall, the 22051e-26 System Sensor is a reliable and versatile fire detection device that can work with other types of fire detection systems. Its improved false alarm immunity and multiple fire type detection capabilities make it an excellent choice for any building.

The 22051E-26 System Sensor Low Profile Optical Sensor is also LPCB certified, offering the highest possible safety standards to the end user 

22051E-26 System Sensor Low Profile Optical Sensor LPCB certified

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