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Key Alarm Features

The Kidde 10Y29 smoke alarm has lithium (non-replaceable, sealed in) batteries for 10-year long life continuous protection. This alarm includes a HUSH control feature that allows nuisance alarms (such as those caused by cooking or steam) to be temporarily silenced.

Battery Life

The lithium batteries will last the full 10 year life of the alarm. There is no need for the user to ever replace the batteries. The alarm is activated when it is attached to the bracket and will continue to operate for 10 years.

Tamper Resist Feature

This alarm has an optional tamper resist feature that can be activated by the homeowner or installer to prevent removal of the alarm from the bracket, therefore ensuring continuous protection.

Helping the end-user

This alarm has been designed to be easy to fit and install, as well as being easy to use. Its large test button is suitable for the visually impaired. The alarm can also be installed with sticky pads, tested and approved by VDS.

Kidde’s ‘Ramp-Up Horn’ allows the sound emitted during the test sequence to be reduced and therefore at a more acceptable volume for the user.

As well as giving an audible end-of-life signal, this alarm gives a visual signal (flashing LED) for a period of 30 days before the alarm reaches its end-of-life. This gives the homeowner sufficient notice that the alarm is about to reach end-of-life before it is actually no longer functional.

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