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Testifire 1000-001 Smoke and Heat Detector Tester - Head Only: Your Ultimate Safety Solution

At Fire Trade Supplies, we understand the importance of protecting your world from potential fire hazards. That's why we're proud to present the Testifire 1000-001 Smoke and Heat Detector Tester - Head Only, a superior product in our Testifire Equipment collection. This multi-stimulus detector tester, a hallmark of our fire alarm test equipment, presents a unique blend of functionality and time-saving convenience to suit your safety needs.

Testifire 1000-001 testing head


The Testifire 1000-001 is a state-of-the-art device designed to trigger both smoke and heat multi-stimulus detectors swiftly and efficiently.

"Time-saving and efficient, the Testifire 1000-001 is your ally in creating a safer space."


For a more comprehensive understanding of the Testifire 1000-001, view the hand guide for detailed datasheets, elaborating on the technical aspects, performance metrics, and other key features.

Features & Benefits

The Testifire 1000-001 stands as a paragon of top-quality fire alarm test equipment, offering a myriad of benefits:

  1. Multi-Stimulus Detector Testing: It seamlessly tests smoke and heat detectors simultaneously.
  2. Time-Saving: Its efficient operation reduces the time and cost of testing each detector separately.
  3. Wide Compatibility: Works effectively with an array of fire alarm systems.

For the smooth operation of your Testifire 1000-001, we recommend our TS3-3PACK-001 Replacement Testifire Smoke Capsules or TS3-6PACK-001 Replacement Testifire Smoke Capsules for a seamless experience.

Testifire 1000 - 001 Head Only Kit Includes:

Our kit is packed with everything you need for easy set-up and efficient testing. From a Testifire Spare 1048-0001 Inner Cup to a Testifire Spare 1049-001 Membrane Silicone Bellows, it's all here.

In case of any issues with your Testifire 1000-001 or any of our products from the Detectortesters Solo Equipment line, our dedicated Maintenance & Support team is always ready to assist.

Remember, a well-tested fire detection system is a safer one. To learn more about our products, check out our blog where we discuss the common problems with no climb detectors solo battery baton and how our product line addresses them.

Specification Details
Detector Types Compatibility Appropriate for Optical (photoelectric) and ionisation smoke detectors, thermal sensors (fixed temperature or rate-of-rise), Carbon Monoxide (CO) fire sensors, multi-sensors or multi-criteria detectors, and conventional, addressable or analogue addressable detectors.
Test Modes Varied modes include Smoke, Normal Heat, Hi Heat, Carbon Monoxide (CO), Clearing, Simultaneous Testing, and Sequential Testing.
Operating Features Color-coded LED user feedback, adjustable multi-position head, and automatic test initiation (infra-red beam senses when cup is placed over a detector).
Safety Features Includes battery over-current cut-out, default 2-minute maximum test duration timeout, auto power off after 5 minutes of non-use, and on-demand CO generation (no gas stored).
Power Source Battery Baton: 7.2V 2.2Ah NiMH rechargeable battery pack with internal over-current protection, chargeable by Solo 725 Battery Charger (using 100-230VAC or 12VDC input).
Battery Charge Time 75-90 minutes (if completely discharged).
Power Consumption Varies according to mode of use: Smoke testing: <0.5A rms, Heat testing: 4-6A rms, CO testing: 2-5A rms. Power consumption refers only to the duration of the actual test.
Operating Environment Temperature range: +5ºC to +45ºC (41ºF to 113ºF). Humidity range: 0 to 85% RH non-condensing.
Storage Conditions Temperature range: -10ºC to +50ºC (50ºF to 122ºF). Humidity range: 0 to 90% RH non-condensing (up to +35ºC / 95ºF).
Servicing Intervals Recommended every 12 months (sooner in extreme use). Message displayed on the LCD screen when service is required.
IP Rating Rated according to IEC60529 to IP20.
Weights Testifire 1000: 0.75kg, Testifire 2000: 0.9kg, Testifire TS3 Smoke Capsule: 45g, Testifire TC3 CO Capsule: 42g, Solo 760 Battery Baton: 0.5kg.
Dimensions (Testifire 1000) Bellows width: 153mm max. Head Unit height: 224mm max. (397mm including handle).
Dimensions (Testifire 2000) Bellows width: 153mm max. Head Unit height: 273mm max. (397mm including handle).

Your safety is our priority. Fire Trade Supplies - Always delivering the best in fire protection.


Feature's Description
Status LEDs Provides visual cues for test progress and overall status of the unit.
On-Demand Stimulus Delivers automatic generation of Smoke, Heat, or CO once the detector is properly placed inside the cup.
User Interface An intuitive design that allows for easy programming of test type and sequence.
Cross Air Technology Propels heat directly to the sensor in a streamlined beam, accelerating the testing of heat sensors up to 100°C.
Adjustable Handle Promotes effortless testing from different angles.
Removable Cup Facilitates the testing of larger, dome-shaped detectors.
Clear Cup & Vent Enables clear visibility of the detector during testing, and ensures rapid clearing post-testing.
Battery Powered Utilizes existing Solo battery batons linked to Solo access poles.
Testifire 1000 The preferred all-in-one detector tester that allows functional testing of both smoke and heat sensors.
Testifire 2000 Builds on the features of the 1000 series, with the added capability to test Carbon Monoxide sensors.

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