Smoke Detector Testing Tips With DetectorTesters - Fire Trade Supplies

DetectorTesters are one of the UK's leading manufacturers of fire detector testing equipment. Their Solo and Testifire products are some of our best-sellers, hugely popular when it comes to testing smoke and heat detectors.


Here are DetectorTesters' top tips for smoke detector testing:


1. For optimum performance, ensure that your smoke canister is warm enough. If the smoke canister is cold, the smoke will linger for longer and cause nuisance re-alarms. Gently warming up the canister, for instance by putting it in your pocket, will help to reduce this.

2. Larger detectors will require a larger cup size - No Climb recommend the Solo 332 for testing larger detectors as the test cup is bigger in size. Find it here!

3. Inverting the smoke canister can prevent aerosol discharge, which can cause nuisance re-alarms.

4. Using smoke capsules with your Testifire can help solve the issue of re-alarms and over-applications. The capsules eliminate mess, prevent re-alarms and get rid of the possibility of over-application.

5. It is important that the products are used correctly for your own safety and to ensure that you are making the most of your equipment. No Climb provide an FIA Accredited online training course to ensure the safe use of the equipment.


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For more smoke testing tips, watch the video below!

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