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Aico fire alarms are European leaders within the fire detection industry, and with over 30 years experience its no wonder they meet need needs of the end user with every product they release.

Bellow is a helpful guide assisting you from testing to the maintenance of different products Aico offer.

How do I change the battery in my Aico fire alarm?

This step-by-step guide offered by the very helpful Aico fire alarm company demonstrates how to change a battery with only a screw driver. Any issues with this contact us here at

How to check the age of my Aico fire alarm?         

Most of Aico's fire alarms come with a 10-year life, advising the end user they should be replaced after this time frame is up. This is to ensure that the end user is guaranteed to be getting the same standard of protection. Its simple! just check the data code label which is featured on the side of your Aico fire alarm. Here it will tell you when the alarm was made, and also when it is recommended to be replaced.

 How do I replace my Aico smoke alarm?

This step by step video applies to all Aico smoke, heat or carbon monoxide fire alarms. Depending on which base you have will mean different things. If you have an easy fit base installed, then all you will have to do is replace the detector itself, meaning there is no need to remove or rewire the base.

How do I test my Aico fire alarm?

When it comes to testing a fire alarm it it crucial that this is done on a regular basis to ensure the alarm is fully operational and working to its maximum ability, keeping you and everyone else safe. Its recommended to test you alarms once a month and is a very easy process

 How to chose the right Aico fire alarm sensor:

Aico fire alarms produce a number of different types of fire detection alarms which are all suited to different locations and environments. This video will help you under the type of detector recommended for your chosen location

Why is my Aico fire alarm bleeping?

It is an important for the end user to NEVER ignore a noise on your alarm. The reason being this could be an indication of danger, or illustrating your alarm may need maintenance. This is why it is always important to never ignore a beeping alarm


 What Aico fire alarm do I have?

When it comes to identifying an Aico fire alarm the process is simple and easy. Located on the side/back of the alarm head their will be a model number as well as a replace by date. After the codes has been found, simply type the number in to the Aico website, where more details on the product will be displayed