TS3-3PACK-001 Replacement Testifire Smoke Capsules




Manufactured by Detectortesters, from the Testifire range, this is our TS3-3PACK-001 Replacement Testifire Smoke Capsules These are to be used with the 1000-001 Testifire Smoke/Heat Head Unit and 2000-001 Testifire Smoke/Heat/CO Head Unit.

You can find more information on this product here:

Testifire 1000 - use Testifire Smoke Capsule

Testifire 2000 - use Testifire Smoke Capsule

Testifire smoke capsules designed to create non-toxic smoke to be applied during testing. The capsules are unique as they aren’t pressurised which reduces transport costs of pressurised canisters. 1 capsule can manage between 500 and 1,000 tests depending on the response time, these capsules are highly efficient when compared to aerosols.

TS3-3PACK-001 Replacement Testifire Smoke Capsules price: as stated above

At Fire Trade Supplies, we offer a range of Testifire Test Equipment accessories. Our fire test accessories cover most areas of your needs from this TS3-3PACK-001 Replacement Testifire Smoke Capsules to Inner Cups, USB cables, detector testers, remote controls, various sized kits - we’ve got it all.

Take a look at our range of Testifire smoke detector testers and accessories below. If you have any questions regarding this Testifire Smoke Capsule, or any other product please get in touch: sales@firetradesupplies.com

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